08 August 2008

Why I'm a Conservative Republican

I have no idea who this is, but I endorse what he's saying - wholeheartedly.


Anonymous said...

YES!!!! I loved it! Right on the mark~~~ who ever he is.

Anonymous said...

I want to kick his conservative Republican ass.

*As a Conservative Republican, I believe war sucks.
Then why is it the conservative Republicans currently supporting this war in Iraq?

*Slavery, genocide, tyranny? Then why was it a Democrat who introduced an official apology for slavery in the U.S. House of Representatives this past week? Why is it Democrats supporting a Save Darfur effort? How many Republicans are signing on to the Save Darfur campaign?

*Pro-life? If you're pro-life, then you should be pro-life across the board. Yes, that means NOT supporting the death penalty. Conservative Republicans are pro-life when it's convenient for them.

*Marriage between a man and a woman? I'm going to need more than what YOU believe, because I believe it should be between to human beings who love each other. So who's right? Who's wrong? I have my belief, You have your belief. So you mean to tell me Britney Spears can get married in Vegas, because "it was something to do" and then get the marriage annuled in the morning, but two people who love each other, who live with each other, and who are going to be together regardless of what you say can't get married?

*Support the second amendment? Democrats support the second amendment, they just feel that with the rising crime rates involving guns there should be stricter laws. Democrats aren't against the second amendment, it's in the constitution-the document that we base our laws on.

*Appreciate what America is? And Democrats don't? Democrats just seek solutions to problems where they are needed. Stop painting Democrats as anti-Americans. They just feel that this great country can strive for better because this country has the potential to be better.

*Smart enough to earn the money, smart enough to know how to spend it? Republicans have used this theory in tricking voters to vote for them. If this was so true, why is it, since the Reagan administration, whenever we've been under a Republican administration this country has seen a deficit but when we're under a Democratic administration this country has seen a surplus? Tax & spend liberals seem to work for this country. How many deficits is this country going to have to suffer to realize that?

*Abstinence should be taught in schools? Statistics prove otherwise, and the numbers don't lie. It's funny because it's usually those "conservative republicans" who fall under these statistics. Instead of free condoms in the office? I rather have my child practice safe sex to prevent pregnancy than have their teachers "talk sternly about the importance of not having sex." You live in a fairytale if you believe your theory works.

*This country used to be the place to come too. Now after this administration, I'm not quite so sure. Democrats want this country to be great again, but we have to reject that nationalistic attitude that we're number one in everything, because we're not. That's why Americans have a reputation for being arrogant. If you left this country and saw the view as the outside looking in, you'd know that.

*I believe in God and I like it. Democrats believe in God too. Again, stop painting the Democratic party as anti-God or anti-religion. The difference is we know that our religious beliefs are OUR religious beliefs and shouldn't have a big impact on how we run this country. What if I was Muslim? Do you expect me to enforce my religious views on to you? Then don't enforce your religious views on to me. We have different faiths, accept it.

useryourbrains said...

The above comment made me chuckle quite hard as it was riddled with logic-less lack-luster relativism, inconsistencies, and contradictions. I would love it if Democrats started using their brains instead of their emotions for a change.

Anonymous said...

That was AWESOME! So glad someone has the fortitude to tell it the way it is. Rock on!