29 August 2008

BREAKING: McCain/Palin

Terrific news out of Dayton, Ohio this morning – Fox News is confirming that Senator McCain has chosen Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate!

Governor Palin:

• Has more Executive experience than either of the Democrats on their team (and more than McCain for that matter);
• is staunchly pro-life, with a compelling life story to tell, and impeccable pro-Second Amendment credentials, cementing the Republican base;
• is the perfect foil against “Beltway” Biden;
• is the younger looking person we needed to offset McCain’s age;
• is a self-proclaimed “hockey mom” (of 5 kids) who will play well in the battleground states of the upper Midwest;
• is the perfect response to Obama’s inability or unwillingness to choose Hillary Clinton – and the perfect way to reach out to women swing voters;
• has a great reputation as a reformer – someone who has cleaned up corruption and stands up against the lobbyist corruption; and
• has a tremendous grasp of the energy issue as it relates to oil and gasoline (the one Obama stupidly pooh-poohed last night during his speech).

My Grade: A. She’s a slight touch soft on the global warming issue for me, but other than that, she’s an absolutely dynamite pick.

This is the pick I had hoped for, and it cements my vote for McCain/Palin in the fall. I had been holding out to commit, waiting for this pick to make my own decision, and hoping he would pick a pro-lifer. After his stellar performance at Saddleback, and with this great pick, now I can proudly say – Vote McCain/Palin!

Next week is going to be a lot of fun – and I’ll be there, laptop in hand, to post a few blogs along the way. I’ll have a cam with me, so hopefully we can get some good video as well!


Anonymous said...

NOW THEY have my vote as well. Great call Joshua! She is so perfect. from sturdywoman

Anonymous said...

I'm slighly confused in your post. It said you were not sure you were going to vote for McCain. Were the options McCain or don't vote?