20 August 2008

Pro-Life VP or Bust

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There has been a ton of speculation that John McCain may be considering a pro-abortion Vice Presidential nominee (bringing responses and pontifications at Politico, Hot Air, Rush, just to name a few).

I'm with the Hot Air folks on this one. A pro-abortion nominee like Lieberman (or Guiliani, or Ridge) would be an unmitigated disaster for McCain, perhaps the one last way he could derail his own campaign and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. As a strategy, it would lead to the wholesale departure of the Republican base, (more than making up for any gains he would make with independents) and the resulting low-base turnout could lead to a filibuster-proof majority in the US Senate - for the Democrats.

With those specters looming, do not expect the delegates at the Convention to go quietly on this point. I've been talking to some of my fellow delegates and alternates from around the state and around the country, and they do indeed have the stomach to fight their own nominee on this one. Remember: the delegates hold the power at the convention - and we can nominate someone of our own choosing to go up against a pro-abortion VP nominee. Alert pro-life Republican delegates are already organizing for a possible convention uprising if the need arises. Speculation centers around the same list of pro-life Governors that McCain has been said to be considering - Palin, Jindal, Romney, Pawlenty, and yes, Mark Sanford.

Hopefully, Senator McCain won't make the pro-abortion VP mistake, and will instead choose a running mate who can secure his base while he tacks to the middle in the general election campaign (which he does without really trying, frankly). With a 5 point lead (according to Zogby this morning), Senator McCain would be wise to secure his base and consolidate the lead with less than 3 months to go.


Anonymous said...

I only vote Pro-Life. No pro-deathers for this conservative republican. Anyone who votes otherwise IS NOT a conservative. All else is hellish hot air.

Anonymous said...

Then I guess you are not voting for McCain since his track record is definitely abortion plus funding around the world on the backs of American taxpayer. I've heard his campaign rhetoric which are blatant lies.

Joshua Gross said...

anon 1:56 - put down your Kool-Aid. Quickly.

His campaign rhetoric are not blatant lies - he really does have a 25-year pro-life voting record. I do disagree with him on embryonic stemcell research, but am glad to see him turning from that position now.

Anonymous said...

Your posting is 100% correct.
I was posed with the same issue by two reporters today....I agree it would be a disaster for McCain.
Most folks think that the McCain VP will be a likely successor.

Rick Beltram