22 August 2008

Obama picks... Biden?

The text messages are out this morning - Obama’s dithering on a Vice Presidential choice has left him with the unappealing choice of Senator Joe Biden of Delaware.

On behalf of Republicans everywhere, I’d just like to say


First off, let’s see how Biden competes for the news cycle with the continued Russian invasion of Georgia and the end of the Olympic Games tonight. Delaying the timing past Tuesday the 5th was already a mistake (you simply don’t want to have your VP choice have to compete with Michael Phelps, Nastia Liukin, Kerri Walsh, or any other members of the USA Olympic Team’s Gold Medal winners… more on them over the weekend). But anyone who has ever watched the West Wing (much less actually worked communications) knows that you “take out the trash” on Friday – not announce some major new initiative, like, say, who your new running mate is going to be. (Hot Air is calling it “burying the pick”) Overnight Friday night? Even worse. So, this is a great way to diss your own running mate pick, while having the rest of the world not pay attention. It’s almost like he doesn’t want anyone to notice who he picked. There may be good reasons for that.

As a conservative, it’s just great to see Mr. Audacity of Hope and Change pick a Washington Beltway hack. Biden’s presence on the ticket undermines the “Change” raison d’etre of the Obama campaign, instantly transforming the Democrat ticket to yet another combination of failed liberal ideas espoused by two Washington insider Senators.

Further, it’s not like Biden helps nail anything down. Does he bring a battleground state? Delaware has been pretty solidly blue for some time now. A constituency? Nothing other than Beltway Insider. I suppose he does bring more Senatorial experience than Obama does, helping McCain make that attack (“Hey, at least his VP choice is more experienced than he is…”) He has less foreign policy experience than Bill Richardson, who should have been his ideal choice, and a domestic policy record that helps Republicans continue to pin down the Dems as hopelessly liberal on bread and butter issues. And he's never been an executive.

Choosing Biden does not help the far-left Obama reach out to the center of the political spectrum, which is exactly what he needed to do with sagging poll numbers and McCain’s much more solid performance at the Saddleback proto-debate. (Irony of these choices – both McCain and Obama need to choose running mates to their right.)

Then again, I’m sure they’ll be able to work well together. They certainly have one thing in common: plagiarism. Biden famously plagiarized speeches and law school work; Obama just stole speech material.

Overall Grade, for timing and selection: F+ The plus is only there because Biden is a solid enough debater when he's not committing gaffes.

Memo to John McCain: Learn from this. Don’t pick a Senator, pick a Governor from outside the Amtrak Corridor; one whose experience outshines Obama’s, but whose youth can serve as a complement to your experience. Oh, and make sure they’re pro-life. Here’s to hoping yesterday's NY Times reporting is correct…

UPDATE: Reaction coming in:

Chris Cilizza lays out "The Case against Joe Biden":

Over the course of his presidential bid, Biden cemented his reputation as -- how to put this nicely? -- less than disciplined on the campaign trail.

In the summer of 2006, as he was publicly mulling the race, Biden set off a controversy over comments he made about Indian Americans.

"I've had a great relationship [with Indian Americans]," Biden said. "In Delaware, the largest growth in population is Indian-Americans moving from India. You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I'm not joking."

On the day he formally announced his candidacy, a New York Observer story that quoted Biden as calling Obama "articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy" came out, and the resultant uproar effectively undercut any momentum Biden was hoping to build.

Amanda Carpenter at TownHall:

Obama announced his VP in the dead of night AFTER CNN broke the story through a text message system that didn't work properly. FAIL.

My message didn't come through till 4:59 am. I see other people got theirs around 3:20. The text messages were not "instant" it was the same ol' master list dump every other politician uses that takes two or three hours to cycle through. Maybe the Obama team thought we wouldn't notice because we were all sleeping.

This guy can't even announce his VP smoothly (you know what I am going to say next) How can he run a country?


Politico headline: A stateman known for slips of his tongue

Jawa Report adds: "This is going to be more fun than Carter/Mondale '80."

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