17 October 2008

ICYMI: Washington Times on "Obama's Kenya Ghosts"

Just ran across this stunning piece of journalism from Sunday's Washington Times. It's a MUST-READ.

Turns out Barack Obama isn't the only Kenyan Marxist with troubling Muslim ties running for President recently - and he supported the other one.

Mr. Obama's judgment is seriously called into question when he backs an official with troubling ties to Muslim extremists and whose supporters practice ethnic cleansing and genocide. It was Islamic extremists in Kenya who bombed the U.S. Embassy in 1998, killing more than 200 and injuring thousands. None of this has dissuaded Mr. Obama from maintaining disturbing loyalties.

Be sure to read the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

WOW this is frightening stuff. Shades of Rwanda with Bill Clinton tearfully asking forgiveness for not doing anything about the genocide. Now fast forward to Obama who stands up for and calls for "Change" for Kenya in support of Odinga. At the least this is pathetic judgement. It is unthinkable at it's worst.

Anonymous said...

I tried to access this story while I'm here in Moldova, currently a (once-again) Communist country.

But the story was branded a Political Site by Moldovan Firefox, so I couldn't see it. Just think what's ahead for us if Obama gets in. What they couldn't get in 45 years of the Cold War they might have handed to them by the particular brilliance of the American electorate. Like the old saying that says every country gets the government they deserve. Oh, great.