24 October 2008

UPDATED: HOAX!! The Face of the Coming Obama Thugocracy


KDKA is reporting that Ms. Todd made the whole thing up. One does wonder what would drive her to do it - since hoaxes rarely work (with the notable exception of global warming...)

The other examples I cite below remain intact, however...



Study this face.

Look at it closely.

This could be you.

This is the face of Ashley Todd, a McCain/Palin volunteer (not even a paid staffer) who was viciously attacked and mugged in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night.

Pittsburgh police say the 6-foot-4-inch thug punched, kicked and then literally lashed out at the woman after glancing at her McCain for president bumper sticker.

A photo of Todd shows a crimson scar of the letter “B” etched backwards on her right cheek. She also has a black eye and her face is puffy.

Let me see if I can get this straight.

Joe the Plumber asks a question in his own driveway and gets attacked by the New York Times.

Ashley Todd gets attacked for having a McCain sticker on her car.

York County's McCain campaign HQ attacked.

Central Florida man gets his house shot up after putting up McCain yard signs.

The McCain/Palin "Straight Talk Express" Bus shot up in New Mexico.

Clearwater, Florida man's Lexus vandalized over McCain/Palin sticker.

...and we're supposed to ignore this candidate's ties to an unrepentant domestic terrorist?


Flying Dargon said...

Yes because we should judge a candidate on the actions of a minority of his supporters:


The issue is that as more people become involved and passionate about the election for either side, the nut jobs are going to come out. The alternative is we go back to citizens being bored with elections and not voting.

Anonymous said...


She has admited she mad this story up.

And I hope you are also denouncing the people who slashed the tires one over 20 cars parked for a Obama event in NC

Or the other incidents that the Obama camp is tracking on their web site.

I do recoment you update this post

Anonymous said...

(Flyingdargon has the most remarkable spelling. That seems to accompany his/her level of perception)
20 Car tires compared to flying bullets: right. (FYI slashing tires is typically an ACORN tactic)
Associations with terrorists and a French-socialist agenda just may be the thing that will turn the tide away from the most unqualified, least experienced candidate to ever run for the Presidency. The queston is why did all these people fall for him? It's funny how people can sucker for anything Ophra says.
Thanks Joshua for your honesty in updating this sad story.

Anonymous said...

Don't rush to say this was a "hoax."
I have it from some well-sourced friends that there is more than meets the eyes; The liberal media may have set this woman up to further tarnish mavrick McCain's campaign.
The atheistic degenerates with their marxist agenda -including groundwater fluoridation- will stop at nothing to sap our essences.
I hope that all Republicans, as well as the ill-informed "libertarians" and so-called "constitutional party" supporters close rank behind the only hope for USA: McCain/Palin!
In hope, and freedom from fear,
-A true conservative

Snead said...

Nice reporting, idiot.

Mattheus Mei said...

Happy Halloween!

Flying Dargon said...

I appreciate the personal attack based on my name. Flying Dargon is purposely misspelled. There was a video game released where on the game box flying dragon was listed as flying dargon.

Gene said...

"Thugocracy"? I'm sure you'll just label me as a liberal for saying this but do you even see the racist undertone in using the term "Thug" in your posts' title?

I'm sure you don't even realize it, i've always thought of you as a close-minded fool and now you've closed the book on it for me.

Joshua Gross said...


Thug is not a racist comment.

"Union Thug" doesn't have a racial connotation.

"Mob Thug" doesn't have a racial connotation.

Get over yourself.

Gene said...

So i'm not supposed to insinuate you are talking about Black people when your post is about a supposed black person beating up a white girl? True the definition of the word doesn't have connotation, but in juxtaposition of your post I say it does, i'm sure most would agree, though those same people that would agree probably stay clear of your blog.

If you can't see that then you should take some time for reflection man...

Anonymous said...


Do you plan on posting the above? Can you imagine if everyone was as racist and reactionary as those who responded to B-girl before they knew it was a hoax? Should we tout the skin-head plot as "what we can expect from McCain-Palin presidency"?
So we're clear, I'm not one of those who have previously posted.

Gene said...

How about this one?


and she just keeps on talking. Repudiate that one much? I thought they stop that kind of stuff when someone says something they don't agree with...?

Anonymous said...


The derivation of Thug is from the Thugi, a Hindu caste of people who were taught that violence and intimidation were the way their caste was to get their way. They're still operative, in fact, in India, and are a major reason the ultra-nationalist Hindu BJP party has muscled its opponents repeatedly. They have been murderous to those of other religions in much the same way as Hindu nationalists are now persecuting (and killing) Christians in Orissa state presently. The only tie-in with supposed racism is in the minds of ultra-defensive Political Correctness who wish, like the Thugi, to bully others into change.