28 October 2008

Cleaning Up Republican Corruption: Stevens and the Skinheads?

This is Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska. He posed for this picture... seriously. Apparently, VERY seriously.

Senator Ted is the Republican that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin keeps talking about - you remember the quote "I've fought against corruption against the good old boy network in my state - even against corruption in my own party!" Yeah, in case you missed it, Senator Ted is that corruption.

And now he's going to prison, after being found guilty of seven felonies. Not sure what the law in Alaska is, but it's ironic that he might not be able to vote for himself next week, though apparently, he'll still be allowed to remain on the ballot. I think we can rate that one a "Probable Democrat pickup".

He's facing up to 35 years in prison, though at age 80, that's pretty unlikely.

Senator Stevens is also the Father of the Bridge to Nowhere, as the former Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. He's the King of Pork, and now he's going to prison. This is a good thing, even if his actions weren't.

Senator Stevens also made a point of requesting a speedy trial so that the outcome would be known before the election. Gee, thanks, Ted. Republicans everywhere truly appreciate your gesture. Now go away. Yes, that way. Up the river.


Speaking of morons trying to affect elections, did you catch the news about these two nutjobs? Apparently they wanted to murder 102 African-Americans culminating in the assassination of Dear Leader Himself.

Apparently the numbers 88 and 14 have some sort of meaning for Neo-Nazi skinhead types (who knew?), and when you add those two numbers, you get 102. (My fellow public school grads: trust me on this one). When you add their ages, you get 39, which amazingly also corresponds to their collective IQ.

At any rate, and all joking aside, one does hope the three of them will become bestest buds in federal prison, where all three deserve to remain for a very long time...

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