06 May 2008

Senate Republican Caucus on Immigration Reform: Thank you Jim Ritchie

Just noted a press release/blog post from the folks at the Senate Republican Caucus: Thank you Jim Ritchie. The thrust of the Thank You Note is for his leadership on tax issues and immigration reform. The Caucus also notes that they've put up a new website: ThankYouJim.com.

Now, I have to admit I like Senator Ritchie, who I regard as one of the brightest policy minds in the Senate. We don't always agree on issues, but Jim's intellect on policy matters is unquestionable. I happen to give him tons of credit for trying to advance the illegal immigration bill for the past two years - I know others have faulted him for some of the steps taken along that process, but on balance, Ritchie's work has been invaluable to the debate. Without fear of contradiction, I can say that without Senator Ritchie's efforts and leadership, we would not have a state immigration bill to discuss right now. Hence the new website.

That being said - since when is the Caucus putting up websites? And, does this mean there's a "ThankYouJakie".com in the works? If so, what would they thank him for - obstruction of every major Republican reform and tax cut in the past four years?

Let's see, he's the major Senate force undermining concealed carry, he's the major force trying to stop e-Verify in the Senate, he single-handedly delayed DUI reform by a year and a half with his DUI trial lawyer buddy Brad Hutto, he was a thorn in the side of anyone trying for meaningful workers comp reform, he voted against income tax cuts, the hits just keep on coming...

At the end of the day in Ritchie's case, he's getting criticized for trying to push the agenda forward (and defended by the Caucus for trying to do the right things). That's far from true in Knotts case. I hope we don't see the Caucus try that one on for size.


Anonymous said...

Columbia Conservative,
Thanks for the article. Of course you're right on all counts. It looks like his partners in his co conspirators in the senate, Sen Jake Knotts and Sen Randy Scott are likely losers in this years primary, and my understanding is that a young man named Shane (can't remember his last name)might have an upset in the making for this "rino Ritchie) on June 10th. My friend Lucille Dismukes speaks highly of young Shane and has known his family for years. Fellow conservatives in Greenville/Spartanburg, I encourage you to send Ritchie home and vote for Shane on June 10th.
Ron Turner
Summerville, SC

Anonymous said...

wes donehue is the caucus political director. the website(s) are designed by his company. honestly, do you think anyone is going to go to this site and make up their mind which way to vote? it's so donehue and sullivan can put a little more coin in their pocket!