11 May 2008

Congradulations, Earl Capps

So in the midst of a hectic work schedule (hey, with 4 weeks to the election, did you expect any less?) I did find some time this weekend to head down the highway to Moncks Corner yesterday to attend the Masters party for fellow right-side blogger Earl Capps.

The food was great, the company terrific, and future 6th District Congressman Mike Reino did an excellent job of roasting Earl (as did a number of other friends). Remind me to block off cell phone time if Earl calls... :-)

Seriously, Earl, congrats! I know that you worked hard to obtain that degree, and how hard it must've been to do that while working and providing for two children as a single dad. You have much to be proud of, and much to be grateful for.

I'm sure we'll talk again soon...

1 comment:

Earl Capps said...

I appreciate you taking the time to come down and join us. If it wasn't so much darn work, I'd do these types of things more often.