22 May 2008

Out of State Groups in District 23 backing... Knotts?

Very interesting post card hitting in Senate 23 today - the NRA's ILA (also known as the Incumbent Legislator Award) is endorsing Senator Jake Knotts from the safety of their offices in Fairfax, Virginia. The card (seen here) was mailed out from "Suburban, MD".

Four items of note for irony or newsworthiness with this piece.

First, this comes on the heels of his last campaign mailer, which included dead people (Louis Shealy), convicted felons (Charlie Sharpe), and a whole array of people who have since told the Knotts campaign they never gave their permission. That probably warrants it's own story, but I know the local newsies are working on it, so I'll leave it at that for now.

Second, Senator Knotts cannot open his mouth or send a mail piece without screaming about "out-of-state special interests", "Wall Street Billionaires", "Walmart-style Schools" and the like. One wonders if he'll denounce the out-of-state intrusion on his behalf. (/sarc)

Third, the out of state group in question kinda got his name wrong on the headline. If you look close at the image's second line (I zoomed in on the back half) you'll notice they asked the voters of District 23 to "Vote for Judy Boyle". Now, as everyone in Lexington County surely knows, Judy Boyle is running for District 9 in the Idaho House. That happens to be only 2472 miles away from downtown Lexington, according to Yahoo Maps. Here's to hoping Jakie's voters write her in on June 10...

Finally, the mailer specifically references Knotts' support for concealed weapons reciprocity. This is interesting, since Knotts spent all of his debate time on Monday night (a debate Shealy won handily, according to the audience who cast straw poll ballots) bashing reciprocity for CWP holders, and likened reciprocity supporters to the "ACLU". No, I don't know what he was blathering about, but it's still entertaining to figure out how he was against it Monday, but for it Thursday afternoon. (this is the inverse of last week, when he claimed to be for mandatory "e-Verify" on Monday night before voting against it on Thursday afternoon).

It will be interesting to see if Jakie keeps trying to play the "out of state" card now that these are running around the district, and it will be interesting to see what else Knotts flip-flops about over the next 3 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Also it will be interesting to see how bad Jakie beats her.

Anonymous said...

Wow the NRA really dropped the ball on this one. they have really suffered from a lack of direction on these issues since Rick Daniel's passing. He would have never sanctioned this ill advised endorsement.

west_rhino said...

The NRA-ILA has been trending politically correct for a few years, and this endorsement confirms one of the reasons Grassroots Gun Rights appear to have come into being. Of course the NRA-ILA also endorsed that great conservative Jim Hodges.

Anonymous said...

State Rep. Jake Knotts

Stage Sen. Jake Knotts

Congressman Jake Knotts

Governor Jake Knotts

Senator Jake Knots

Who knows what the future holds?

Go, Jakiem go!!!

Keep fighting for the people against the elie establishment!

Love, The people of Lxinton County

Anonymous said...

Well, you're working on SCRG mailers sent out from a direct mail firm in Virginia, so good luck on trying to make that not seem illegal.

Joshua Gross said...

anon 10:26: Congressman Knotts? Senator Knotts? Governor Knotts? Only a family member could be that deluded. Which one are you?

anon 8:37 - I am most certainly not working on anything from SCRG. Randy is a friend, but I have no involvement in what they're doing.

Anonymous said...

I just put a Shealy sticker on this Lexingtonians car window. Jakie and his cronies couldn't spell "truth" if they wanted to (and it looks like they can't spell Lexington either)

Anonymous said...

NRA has tens of thousands of dues paying members in this state. The school choice folks have a handful.

Only a kool aid drinking Sanford whacko could think the NRA and the School Choice crowd has anything in common.

The right wing, of which I am a member, seems to have lost its ability to tell the truth.

Joshua Gross said...

anon 7:03,

I'm going to partially disagree with you here - the local NRA guys I talk to are furious with Knotts, and they feel that the ILA in VA is out of touch with gun owners in SC. I don't have anything against gun rights or the local NRA guys - it's the out of touch incumbent protection racket I have the argument with.

Bill said...


I was at that Monday evening candidate forum at WKHS. Fat Jake waltzed in late at the very end, after the other two candidates had answered all questions put to them. I was the last person to ask a question, and it was about support for the CWP program. As usual, Porky Jake thought he knew what the question was about, but he got it all wrong. He saw my face (which he had seen many times at committee hearings, supporting the CWP program) and right away, like the bully he is, he launched into trying to attack and discredit the messenger, rather than address the question.

Katrina Shealy has her CWP and will not obstruct good pro-gun legislation, as Knotts has consistently done for a few years now. I can't wait to vote for Shealy tomorrow. I'm taking a voter with me who has never voted in an election before.

Jake Knotts Must Go!