12 March 2008

Random Thoughts from Around the Blogosphere

First, I'd like to welcome those of you who have been invited by the Huckster to vote for his VP consideration in our poll (upper right).

Congratulations - you're the new Paul-bots.

Next time you run into your "Christian Leader", try asking him why he left the ministry to go into politics? Isn't that leaving the higher calling for a lower calling?

Was it that he needed the money, so he could go on trips to the Caymans in the middle of a campaign to make paid speeches? Was it that he knew his son would become the foreshadowing of Michael Vick? Or was it that his wife wasn't getting enough Hooters time? And that's not even getting to the whole "wrong side of the Southern Baptist split" thing.

Any way you cut it, Huckster's done politically. Not quite Eliot Spitzer done, but finished nonetheless.


Speaking of Spitzer, Brad Warthen is complaining that too many people are laughing ("sniggering") at the soon to be demise of the New York Democrat Governor. Me, I'm laughing hard, and so are the late-night comics apparently. ("Just goes to show you how ridiculously high the standard of living is in New York City" - Heh.)

I mean, the guy allegedly felt the need to put a hooker (oops, sorry, "High Priced Call Girl") on a train in New York and bring her to Washington (hence the rumored interstate trafficking and money laundering charges). If he really needed to find a whore in Washington, all he needed to do was show up on Capitol Hill and look for the lobbyists... (*rim shot*)


I see FITS has exposed the secret of the week (the true identity of "Harden Gervais" over at Sunny/Shady.) I had seriously suspected Wes and Corey, but hadn't had the proof until this morning. (Corey was the chief writer of seemingly every crazy conspiracy story in print about my employment over the last two years. While I'm flattered at the attention, if you're covering me, you're probably missing the point. This goes for Ross Shealy as well, though Ross has better photoshop skills than Shady Gervais does.)

Now, Corey tried denying this in comments in FITS (OK, well, sort of denying, while admitting he had done some of the "guest writing"), but within hours, Shady was posting an apology that included the nugget that they were done blogging. That's not just a coincidence, kids...


Speaking of FITS, Hades may be in freezing danger. FITS, notverybright and I agreeing on the same issue? (that the Kentucky proposal to ban anonymous internet speech would be blatantly unconstitutional) Break out the ski gear...

Seriously, why is it always Republicans that come up with the Soviet style speech stuff? Aren't we supposed to be the Party that protects the Constitution? Oh, I guess that whole "Party Platform" thing doesn't actually apply to elected officials, my bad...


Speaking of Shady People and Hugh Leatherman, what's this we read about a "Reform Caucus" made up of a bunch of old-line legislators who wouldn't know reform if it bit them and left a mark? If Sandifer and Leatherman think they can get fool people with this stunt, they're in for a pretty large surprise.

Though I certainly like and respect Senators Cromer, Cleary, and Thomas, I do hope their rumored involvement in a sham reform group like this turns out to be false. This won't help them with Republican voters or folks who actually care about achieving real reform in our state.

UPDATE: FITS claims to have documentation that points to Rod Shealy's organization of the "Reform Caucus". That would be an interesting development.

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