14 August 2010

The Alien President and the Ground Zero Mosque

The radical Muslims are doing their dead level best to make trouble again. This time it’s the so-called “Cordoba Initiative” – a mosque on the edge of Ground Zero in lower Manhattan named for the center of the European caliphate in the 8th Century. Cordoba was a cathedral converted into a mosque, meant as the symbol of Muslim conquest in Christian Europe. The modern “Cordoba Initiative” laughably passes itself off as an “interfaith exchange;” the original Cordoba’s “interfaith exchange” was the tax that Muslims collected from the local Christian population. It seems, then, that the mosque idea is purely an exhibition of Muslim strength against the weakness of the West to stand up to Sharia extremism.

Muslims know this. Writing in a recent Wall Street Journal editorial, two moderate Muslims called the mosque a “deliberate provocation to thumb our noses at the infidel.” They were arguing against the idea of the Ground Zero/Cordoba mosque as an act of “bad faith.”

Into this maelstrom steps what Robert Weissberg of the American Thinker has termed the “alien rule” of Barack Obama. Normally, a President could be counted on to stand up for American concepts, things like the hallowed ground of Ground Zero. But, it seems, this President is incapable of considering the concepts of “sacred” or “hallowed” ground, and yesterday, against all logic, the President came out in strong support of the Cordoba Ground Zero mosque.

In the Muslim world, this will be seen as an invitation to attack our weakness, a symbol of Muslim conquest over the weak Americans, building a mosque on the site of Islamist triumph in the United States. Building this mosque would be a greater victory for the jihadists than the destruction of the World Trade Center, in that it allows the victory to be celebrated and built upon.

This morning’s Canada Free Press terms Barack Obama as “the First Un-American President.” After last night, I fail to see how any other term fits.

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