01 July 2010

Putting the Band Back Together

So... it's been a long time.

I haven't written for the blog in... what, 16 months?

At some point, I'll write about the campaign here. Lessons learned, friendships made, folks I just can't trust any more... It was a 95% positive experience, and that's where I'll focus the most. In that time I wound up helping start the Tea Party movement (and then see it go through some serious adolescent growing pains). I'm certain to keep commenting on that as things move forward.

And, as y'all know, I'm pretty opinionated. I'm not about to stop telling you what I think (and let the discussions begin). I've been saving up some things that I'll be writing about over the summer, on all the usual topics that long time readers will remember.

Thanks for coming back. I look forward to moving the debate forward for the sake of conservatism everywhere.


Daniel J. Cassidy said...

Great to see you blogging again, and what a great looking blog it is! Welcome back!

RogueElephant said...

Great to see you back. Have missed these discussions since Sunny stopped Crunchy.
Even after this election the RogueElephant is still alive and well!