07 January 2009

EPA proposes... a Federal Livestock Tax?

News this week that the Environmental Protection Agency, in its usual tizzy over thoroughly discredited global warming hysteria, has proposed a revolutionary new tool in the fight against a problem that doesn't exist.

A Federal Cow Tax.

Because, y'know, it's not like we're in a recession or anything.

Nothing like taxing the food off of the table of the poor to make the economy go hummmmm.

In its worse-than-usual brilliance, the EPA is suggesting a $175 tax on cows, an $87.50 tax on bulls, and a $20 tax on hogs. (Say, is it sexist to tax female bovines at twice the price? I'd call them sexist pigs, but the pigs got taxed, too. But I digress...)

If that's not enough, the EPA wants to force Title V (Clean Air Act) licensing on any farm with more than, say, 25 dairy cows, 50 beef cattle, or 200 hogs. If this goes through, say goodbye to the family farm. We'll all be buying our beef from Brazil and Argentina. You think hormonal milk is bad now - how do you propose to control that if we're importing it all?

The good news is that the government is hardly unified on this point. The Department of Agriculture warned the EPA about the licensing provisions and the costs involved to consumers and farmers, and the Farm Bureaus seem to be awakened to the danger.

Still, the idiot bureaucrats responsible for this one need to be fired, and within the next ten days or so, before the next batch of global warming hysterists take charge of the agency. (For those of you who still believe the Bush Administration was "right-wing", this should pretty well prove otherwise. Again.)

For those of you who ask "what do you have against conservation" (a non-sequitur, by the way) in response to my dissection of the global warming agenda, a quick response. I have nothing against conservation. I believe personal responsibility extends to our usage of resources - and I try to live like it. But, conservation has NOTHING AT ALL to do with the hoax that is global warming. If you want to sell me on clean air or clean water or the beauty of Yosemite, do those things for their own sake, as I've argued previously. When you link your cause to something that is so clearly and dramatically a fraud, you do yourself a disservice.


Anonymous said...

If Global Warming isn't real what made the 7,000 year old glaciers melt (in Glacier National park)? Also, what science is your college degree in since you such an expert on this topic?

Anonymous said...

The glaciers are on their way back. The report indicating a loss was from November not yesterday. Things have been chillin'. The ice pack on the poles has returned. The most snow in decades and record COLD!!! Masses of scientists are jumping onto the reality of a global cooling trend (though still afraid of the radical political implications of dissent). No matter how hard you try, it is inconsistent to assume that a cooling is a warming....Rather it is consistent with variable earth cycles. What koolaid has anonymous 1/8/ been drinking anyway? The consequences of the tax of bovines and friends would be devastating on mulitiple levels. The religion of the warmiacs is really becoming dangerous. Fanatics often are.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but have you been in a supermarket lately? Beef is hardly poor people's food. Oh and by the way anonymous 1/14, record cold we're going to get in the next few days is because warmer than usual air masses and their higher pressure over the North Pole actually shove the arctic jet stream down here. Morons.

Anonymous said...

UGH, global warming doesn't just mean WARM moron.

Do you honestly think that thousands of scientists are lying about the data they are collecting in an effort to give Al Gore something to talk about? Please Joshua...

I know you somehow think you're helping something by repeatedly claiming global warming is a hoax, but dude, get a new argument to beat your drums against.