11 September 2008

on Patriotism, and Blogging 9/11

OK, I'm opening a can of worms here, but I think it has to be said...

Patriots, blogging on 9/11/01 today:

Adam Fogle, whose Palmetto Scoop included the patriot poetry of a dying Jack Buck;

Earl Capps, who posts Lincoln's Gettysburg Address;

Dan Cassidy, whose Sunlit Uplands posted numerous items, including this patriotic YouTube;

Brian McCarty, whose VUI posted a composite picture of the victims;

Mike's America, who posts pictures and video from the day;

Jeff Duncan, whose Walk-On Legislator posts thoughts from an airport this morning;

Rod Shealy, Sr, recovering from brain tumor surgery, takes a moment to remember 9/11;

Michelle Malkin remembers, while Hugh Hewitt Prays;

The Jawas remember, and do not forgive;

Don McLaughlin remembers where he was at on 9-11 on Redstate;


And then we have our friends on the left...

The ever aptly titled notverybright chose to attack The State's Brad Warthen for his support of the Iraq War today, before a post questioning Sarah Palin's qualifications;

Tammy at Seeding Spartanburg chose to mock Sarah Palin's last name today;

Tim Kelly at Crack the Bell chose to continue his attacks on Sarah Palin today (one day after changing "Shrill b*tch" to "lying sack of s**t")

Waldo Lydecker chose to attack Sarah Palin's Christian Faith today.


It's not that I'm questioning the patriotism of you liberal bloggers; it's that you don't apparently have any patriotism for me to question. You're too busy attacking the Republican Vice Presidential nominee...


An important exception: Roxanne Walker did something different - she chose to pay tribute to Iraqi veterans who suffer from depression and mental illness as a result of the war. While I don't agree with her conclusions (or even her premise), I still appreciate that she took the time to pay tribute to one American soldier today.


For some actually historic perspective on 9/11, check out the History Channel's 102 Minutes that changed America. I highly recommend the site - especially for those of you mentioned above who have apparently forgotten that day, what happened, how we changed, and why.


Anonymous said...

I will never forget. The clouds of the left trying to get us to refocus is a mockery to all of those who died that day.

Chicago MG said...

I dont know what it meant but it sounds good to me anonymous 9:32